charter-party meaning in Chinese

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  • 租船合同
  • 租船契约
  • charter:    n. 1.(准许成立自治都市、工会等 ...
  • party:    n. 1.党,党派;政党;结党,党派 ...
  • charter party:    租船契约[合同]。
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  1. New york produce exchange charter - party
  2. Further more , details of the engine were not provided in the charter - party description clause
  3. The charter - party container no bunker specifications other than calling for 180 cst fuel oil
  4. And one of these questions that have more disputes - in different counties is incorporation clause in the bill of lading under charter - party
  5. In my thesis i try to discuss some questions about the law and practice of the incorporation clause in the bill of lading under charter - party

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