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  • 取得职业资格的人寿保险外勤人员
  • charter:    n. 1.(准许成立自治都市、工会等 ...
  • life:    n. (pl. lives) 1.生 ...
  • underwriter:    n. 1.保险商;(特指)水险商。 ...
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  1. Clu chartered life underwriter
  2. He is a chartered life underwriter , a chartered financial consultant and a licensed mutual fund manager
  3. Mr . tam holds both bachelors and masters degrees from the university of toronto in canada . he is a fellow of life management institute , a chartered life underwriter and registered health underwriter , a chartered financial consultant and certified financial planner
    谭氏持有多伦多大学university of toronto学士及硕士学位,现为美国寿险内勤经营协会会员特许人寿保险从业员注册医疗保险从业员特许财务顾问及执业财务策划员。

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