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Pronunciation:   "chart wizard" in a sentence
  • 图表向导
  • chart:    n. 乐曲的改编;改编的乐曲。
  • wizard:    n. 1.术士,男巫;变戏法的人。 ...
  • cw chart wizard:    图表向导
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  1. The excel 2000 chart wizard can create exactly the kind of chart that you need
  2. The chart wizard shows you a sample chart as you go along so you can see what your chart looks like
    操作过程中, “图表向导”将会显示示例图表,因此,您可以查看图表的外观。
  3. If you have microsoft visio 2000 or later installed , you can use the visio wbs chart wizard com add - in for microsoft project 2002 to create a work breakdown structure chart in visio from microsoft project data
    如果您已安装了microsoft visio 2000或更高版本,则可以使用microsoft project 2002的visio wbs图表向导com加载项来使用microsoft project数据在visio中创建任务分解结构( wbs )图表。

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