character delimiter meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "character delimiter" in a sentence
  • 字符分界符
  • character:    n. 1.性格,品格;特性,性状,特 ...
  • delimiter:    n. 定义符,定界符〔表示一个数据单 ...
  • delimiter character:    定界符字元; 定界字符
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  1. Can only separate strings using a single character delimiter
  2. There is no character delimiter to mark the block executed when the condition in the if statement is true conditions in jython do not require enclosing parentheses , as they do in java programming
    语句条件为真时要执行的代码块( jython中的条件不需要括起的圆括号,这与java编程一样) 。

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