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  1. No . 3 people s hospital in changtu county
  2. Changtu mazhonghe furfural co . ltd . , with annual capacity of 3 , 000 tons for furfural
  3. The second zone is changtu county , determined as the production area of pollution - free crop cultivation and animal husbandry of tieling
  4. All the pile foundation projects of jilin yinmahe bridge , changchun ring freeway crossing bridge , haerbin - dalian line dongliaohe bridge and changtu highway bridge etc , designed and constructed by jilin geological prospecting institute , have won the high opinion for its rapid and high quality construction , the geological survey for many projects such as teachers ' high - rise residence building for changchun jiefangda road primary school , and dalian binhaiyinyue hotel etc , and the engineering survey for jilin television transmitting tower , hawaii hotel , zhongma building and fangzhi building etc projects have won the high opinion

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