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  • 易变性
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  1. Overcoming nonperseverance , fear , indecision and changeableness
  2. Thirdly , the functions of reversibility of the built bar code and changeableness of the color of bar code have been improved by combining various build algorithms with the methods of software programming . as vc + + 6 . 0 is used as the design platform for the generative system of bar code , and the ways of software programming have been learned and the build principles of program frame as well as the coding principles of menu , dialog box , toolbar , . document and view have been applied to finish the software finally
    再次,是把各种算法与计算机软件编程知识相结合,对常用软件条码方案中存在的生成条码不可修改、条码颜色太过单一这两点不足之处进行了相应的改进;本课题选用vc + + 6 . 0作为条码生成系统的设计平台,系统学习了该编程平台编写软件的方法,并应用程序框架的执行原理,菜单、对话框、工具栏以及文档视图的编写原理,最终实现了条码生成系统软件化过程。

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