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  • change:    vt. 1.改变,变更,变换,变革。 ...
  • reality:    n. 1.【哲学】现实,实在,实体, ...
  • in reality:    其实; 实际上, 事实上; 实际上, ...
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  1. It has always adapted to changing realities .
  2. If you want knowledge , you must take part in the practice of changing reality .
  3. . . . is a testament to our changed reality
    . . .这为我们证明了世界的改变
  4. Is a testament to our changed reality
  5. To make clear the dialectical - materialist movement of cognition arising on the basis of the practice which changes reality - - to make clear the gradually deepening movement of cognition - - a few additional concrete examples are given below
    为了明了基于变革现实的实践而产生的辩证唯物论的认识运动? ?认识的逐渐深化的运动,下面再举出几个具体的例子。

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