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  • 细胞间的讯息传递
  • 细胞间通讯
  • 细胞联系
  • 细胞通讯
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  1. Of course , immunologists also want to know what , if anything , these protein movements “ mean ” in the context of immune cell communication
  2. At least two other mechanisms could play a role in organizing proteins at the synapse , but the extent of their influence on immune cell communication is controversial
  3. The study demonstrates how inflammation in mice increases nr2b proteins - proteins that facilitate nerve cell communication - that imprint a painful response in the brain even after the stimulus is removed
  4. In this dissertation , i do analysis and research on the cell communication net - based position technology and channel model . and i give out a position algorithm of anti - nlos , and simulate it . and i also introduce the constructure of the positioning system and the evaluation
    本文在分析研究有关蜂窝移动通信网络的定位技术和相关信道模型的基础上,提出了一种抗nlos (非视距传输, non - lightofsight )的定位算法。
  5. Biotic or abiotic stimuli can first cause the alteration in apoplastic signaling system ; on the other hand , apoplast provides a convenient pathway for cell - cell communication , and therefore plays a key role in regulation of cell differentiation , organ genesis , and growth development of plants

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