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  • 细胞粘附蛋白
  • 细胞粘连蛋白
  • cell:    n. 1.小室,单室;隔间,舱;〔诗 ...
  • adhesion:    n. 1.黏附,附着,胶着。 2.黏 ...
  • protein:    n. 【化学】朊,蛋白(质)。
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  1. Cell adhesion to surface of the substrate is essential to development of the anchorage - dependent cells . only after adhering to surface followed by spreading can cells develop and proliferate . most synthetic polymers used as orthopaedic matrix substitute present hydrophobicity , which may correlates to the low degree of cell attachment . modification with cell adhesion protein / peptides can be benificial to the cell adhesion on polymers and then affect the cell proliferation and differentiation . cell attachment to substrate is primarily mediated by integrins , a widely expressed family of heterodimeric surface receptors . most extrcellular matrix proteins such as fibronectin , osteopontin , collagen type i , bone sialoprotein and vitronectin contain an arg - gly - asp ( rgd ) sequence which is specific to the fixation of cell membrane receptors like integrin . the main aim of this research is to measure , assess adhesion , proliferation of rabbit marrow stromal cells ( mscs ) on the polymers coated by fibronectin , collagen type i or biotie gen , which includes : ( 1 ) biologic characteristics of rabbit mscs were observed by two types of separating method in primary culture . ( 2 ) adhesion , proliferation and differentiation of mscs cultured on polymers coated with biotiegen were assessed . ( 3 ) also , adhesion , proliferation and differentiation of mscs were assessed on plga film or porous plga substrates coated with fibronectin , or collagen type i respectively . ( 4 ) bone formation was observed on the porous plga substrates coated with collagen type i in vivo . this research aims to give new way to make novel synthetic bone with cell adhesion and high bone induction capabilities
    因此将这些蛋白包被、固定到材料表面,观察骨组织工程种子细胞mscs细胞的粘附、生长特性是本研究的中心环节,并从以下方面进行探讨: ( 1 )采用不同原代细胞分离方法,研究其对mscs细胞的生物学特性影响。 ( 2 )检测基因胜肽胶对mscs细胞粘附、增殖及分化的影响。 ( 3 )分别采用型胶原及纤维粘连蛋白( fibronectin , fn )包被聚乙醇酸-乳酸共聚物( poly ( 1actide - co - glycolide ) , plga )膜及多孔块型plga材料,观察细胞在单层或三维培养状态下,型胶原及fn对mscs细胞粘附、增殖及向成骨细胞分化效应及能力。

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