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  • 空腔加速器
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  1. In this paper , we study an alternative approach by numerical calculation . at first , we introduce the fundamental principles and the basic components of the electron linear . second , we introduce a way of coupler testing - - three frequency method . and present a example of coupler testing . third , we use numerical calculation method to simulate several accelerator structures . the hfss code and mafia code is used to simulate a three - cavity accelerator structure . the two results are compared
    因此,寻找好的方法来设计加速结构耦合腔很重要。本文首先介绍了电子直线加速器的各相关基本理论和其基本组成部件。接着,介绍了现阶段耦合腔测试中常用的一种方法? ?三频法,并给出了测量加速器耦合腔的实例。
  2. We use hfss code to simulate a four - cavity and eight - cavity accelerator structure . the results are compared with the tesing results of the network analytical apparatus . finally , we present the numerical calculation of hfss code to design accelerator coupler cavity and we give out the whole processes and results

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