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  • 有尾类
  • 有尾目两栖
  • 有味的
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  1. Currentt studies on the urodeles amphibia : caudata in china
  2. 3 the comparison of mitochondrial genomes and phylogentic relationships of amphibian there still is a lack of consensus regarding living amphibian phylogenetic relationships . the most widely accepted hypothesis , based on morphological data , supports the monophyletic origin in the late paleozoic ( 300 mya ) of the three living orders in the class amphibia and a sister - group relationship between caudata and anura ( the batrachia hypothesis ) to the exclusion of the gymnophiona
    3两栖类动物的线粒体基因组结构比较和系统发生关系现存两栖类的三个目的系统发生关系仍然没有统一意见,最广泛被接受的假说,是建立在形态学证据基础上,支持现生的两栖类三个目在古生代后期( 300mya )单系起源,并且无尾类和有尾类为姐妹群关系(蛙类假说) 。

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