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  • 套管鞋深度
  • 下套管深度;作决策时间
  • 作决策时间
  • casing:    n. 1.装箱,装袋,入鞘。 2.〔 ...
  • point:    n. 1.尖头,尖端;尖头器具;〔美 ...
  • casing anchor point:    汽缸固定点; 汽缸死点
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  1. Unfortunately , sometimes the real situation falls into multiple cases pointing in opposite directions
    遗憾的是,有时现实情况会涉及多种情形(指向相反的方向) 。
  2. The yahoo case point out an issue of increasing concern : who has jurisdiction over cyberspace ? there is no " lex internet .
  3. This case pointed out the deep self - contradict of the state - owned enterprises on the each level of operating mechanism and management style by statement of zm group develop process

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