casing pipe meaning in Chinese

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  • 井壁管
  • 套管
  • 钻管
  • casing:    n. 1.装箱,装袋,入鞘。 2.〔 ...
  • pipe:    n. 1.管,导管,筒。 2.烟斗, ...
  • pipe casing:    管弄; 管套; 管围壁; 桩套管
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  1. Pipe hoisting caps for casing pipes according to din 4918
    按din 4918钻管用的管子提升滑块
  2. Application of can bus in case pipe stress measuring instrument
  3. Petroleum casing pipe , oil well pipe
  4. Brain casing pipe needle
  5. Early diagnosis for the stress concentration zone of borehole casing pipe by metal magnetic memory and wavelet transform

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