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  • n.
    现款,现金;〔口语〕钱;小额支票。 a hard cash硬币。 idle cash〔口语〕游资。 be in [out of] cash 有[无]现款。 be short of cash 现金不足,支付短少。 cash and carry 【商业】现金出售运输自理。 cash down 【商业】即期现款,即付 (sell for cash down 现卖)。 cash in hand 现有金额(=〔美国〕cash on hand)。 cash on +More...
  • by cash:    现金
  • cash in:    兑现;收到…的货款; 连续兑现; 现 ...
  • cash in on:    靠…赚钱,乘机利用; 靠…赚钱,趁机 ...
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  1. I 'd like to cash this cheque in , please .
  2. Larocca fished out cash and gave the waiter .
  3. The purchases were paid for with cash .
  4. The purchase price is less if you pay by cash .
  5. He paid the bill by cashing in some bonds .

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