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Pronunciation:   "cash surplus" in a sentence
  • 现金结余
  • 现金盈余
  • cash:    n. 〔sing., pl. 〕(印 ...
  • surplus:    n. 剩余,过剩;【会计】结余;【商 ...
  • surplus of cash:    现金过剩
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  1. Consolidated cash surplus
  2. So far , the cash surplus is 1 , 278 usd . this will be used as required to help the poor and orphans in formosa and all over the world , based on master s instructions
    目前结馀有美金1 , 278 ,今后将依师父指示,陆续用于救助福尔摩沙及世界各地贫困之人和孤儿。
  3. According to the construction and business plan , the hospital can realize its business target in five years after construction completed , which will be yearly hospitalizing 50 , 000 cases of the sick , with a business revenue of the sum of rmb 200 million yuan , after - tax profit rmb 50 million , cash surplus rmb 50 million yuan
    根据医院的建院规划,在建成后第5年可实现营运目标,即年均收治住院病人5万人,当年实现营业收入2亿元,净利润5000万元,累计现金盈余0 . 5亿元。

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