care about meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "care about" in a sentence
  • 担心;关心
  • 关心,对...有兴趣
  • 关心,介意,计较
  • 关心,照顾,在乎
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  • care:    n. 1.忧烦,忧念;挂念,思念;心 ...
  • about:    adv. 1.大约,差不多;前后,左 ...
  • all i care about:    我所在乎的; 我心之忧
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  1. I am too tired to care about clothes .
  2. All this care about money is awful .
  3. What he cared about was wine, woman and song .
  4. All you care about are your clothes and you jewels .
  5. She takes care about her weight and how her hair looks .

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