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[ kɑ: ] Pronunciation:   "car" in a sentence   "car" meaning
  • Phrases

    1.civil air regulations 民航条例。
    2.controlled avalanche rectifier 可控雪崩整流器。n.
  • a car:    一辆轿车; 一辆小轿车
  • by car:    (开)乘汽车; 乘小汽车; 坐汽车; ...
  • in a car:    乘汽车
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  1. When can you take delivery of the car ?
  2. I already knew about the lousy cars .
  3. Inertia carried the car to the pavement .
  4. We left the car and walked for a little .
  5. When a car is out of gear it cannot run .

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