car accident meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "car accident" in a sentence
  • 交通事故
  • 交通险况
  • 交通意外
  • car:     car2 adj. 〔苏 ...
  • accident:    n. 1.故障,事故,偶发事件;偶然 ...
  • a car accident:    汽车失事; 一场车祸; 一场交通事故
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  1. Her death in the car accident was tragic ; she was only 18 .
  2. No one was injured in the car accident , were they
  3. One day , chengguang passed away in a car accident
  4. The next day , the little girl was in a car accident
  5. After the car accident , she seemed to go to pieces

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