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Pronunciation:   "capping device" in a sentence
  • 加盖装置
  • capping:    n. 〔美国〕(拍卖时)使用假买手诱 ...
  • device:    n. 1.设计,计划;方法,手段。 ...
  • abutment capping:    台帽
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  1. Avoid re - capping needles after use . where re - capping is unavoidable , use needle re - capping device
  2. Cartoning manipulator is important parts of the cartoning machines , including of part delivery bottle device , full capping device and microcomputer control systems of the cartoning machines
  3. Though experiment the idea velocity of cartooning balanced emulation has been educed , instantaneous movement rule of capping in capping device , crank rocker mechanism has been emulated also
  4. In this paper have been studied that the first transmission device , capping device , and frame were be designed , the second design and test of microcomputer control systems in whole cartoning machines were be done

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