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  • 得符号
  • 调用符号, 呼号
  • 呼叫符号
  • 无线电台呼号
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  • call:    vt. 1.大声念[说],喊,叫。 ...
  • sign:    n. 1.记号,符号。 2.信号,暗 ...
  • aircraft call sign:    飞机呼叫信号; 航空器呼号
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  1. Table of allocation of international call sign series
  2. What is the last letter in your call sign
  3. I take it for granted . it ' s , um , my agency call sign
  4. This takes advantage of a technique called signing
  5. Do a search for black widow . it was one of anna ' s call signs

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