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Pronunciation:   "call sheet" in a sentence
  • 摄制日程表
  • call:    vt. 1.大声念[说],喊,叫。 ...
  • sheet:    n. 【航海】 1.缭绳;帆脚索。 ...
  • at call:    即期付款; 遂时偿付; 通知付款;按 ...
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  1. Richard . l brought you a call sheet for tomorrow
  2. Uh , where were we ? ah , my call sheet
    呃,我们说到哪儿了? -啊,电话记录
  3. There are two scenes on the call sheet today , both part of the epic duel , with the scene shot in the morning actually occurring shortly after the scene shot in the afternoon

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