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  • 建立呼叫
  • call:    vt. 1.大声念[说],喊,叫。 ...
  • set:    vt. (set; setting) ...
  • up:    adv. (superl. uppe ...
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  1. Off air call set up oacso
  2. Off - air call set up
  3. Video call performance ? fixes no audio problem and video call set up problem when camera application is active
  4. " since cc3 adopts an ip - based tetra system , it provides an effective and efficient call set up with more reliable routing capabilities , " the spokesman said . " it also enables good voice quality by prioritising voice packets and allows various types of data to be carried in the same ip manner . security features include encryption and authentication of users to prevent eavesdropping by unauthorised elements , " he added
  5. Through discussing the following problems such as call setting up , signal converting , media logical channel setting up and media ability exchange , relevant methods about address exchange and the inconsistency of signal interpretation were put forward to realize the sgw in softswitch

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