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[ 'kæfei; (US) kæ'fei ] Pronunciation:   "cafe" in a sentence   "cafe" meaning
  • n.
    〔英国〕咖啡馆,(欧陆诸国的)餐馆;〔美国〕酒馆;咖啡馆。 cafe society 〔美国〕经常上咖啡馆的人们。 cafe chantant 有音乐等表演的咖啡馆。
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  1. The atmosphere of the cafe was soothing .
  2. Jack picks up a prostitute, georgette, at a cafe .
  3. You hang around cafes .
  4. A sort of electric thrill ran through the cafe .
  5. He turned into a native cafe and ordered lemon tea .

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