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  • n.
    (pl. -cei )(罗马神话中传信天使 Mercury 的)双蛇杖;(美国陆军军医部队的)双蛇杖标记。
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  1. A " caduceus " represents hermes staff and medicine ! !
    Caduceus代表海尔梅斯权杖和药物! ! !
  2. The caduceus began as the magical rod of the greek messenger - god hermes ( or the roman god , mercury )
  3. Unfortunately , although both the staff of aesculapius and the caduceus are in use , only one of them has a historical connection with the practice of medicine
  4. That in itself was not a problem until several publishers of medical texts began prominently displaying the caduceus on the books given to students and doctors
  5. The caduceus , with its wings and twin snakes , is an impostor which somehow managed to find a connection to medicine , a connection which is unfounded and undesirable

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