by ship meaning in Chinese

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  • 乘船
  • 坐船
  • 坐轮船
  • ship:    n. 1.船;大船;海船;舰〔作阴性 ...
  • -ship:    后缀 〔附在形容词或名词后,作成抽象 ...
  • a ship:    一只船,一艘轮船
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  1. He crisscrossed the world, usually by ship .
  2. One can travel there by ship or plane . most people choose the latter .
  3. He also wrote other papers on the subject and dealt with the resistance encountered by ships and ship propulsion .
  4. ( 7 ) on the meaning of cargos carried by ship
    ( 7 )扣押船载货物的含义问题。
  5. Long ago people could go to america only by ship / sea

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