by path meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "by path" in a sentence
  • 按路径
  • 旁通管旁路
  • path:    n. (pl. paths ) 1. ...
  • by-path:    小路,旁路,侧道,僻径。
  • no path:    无路径
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  1. Components are connected in the data flow by paths
  2. Creates all directories and subdirectories as specified by path
  3. Detailed depict of the influence to the system which cause by path , parameters to the multi - path are provided . discussed the path loss of the system and how to improve the system performance . 2
  4. The algorithm is composed of two sections . in the first section the nodes in a circuit are arranged in linear time order to preserve simulation validity . in the second section , the nodes in order are divided into several sets whose root is primary input node and nodes in which can be reached by path ; then these sets are united by connectivity among sets into some larger sets , the number of which is equal to that of processors ; at last the sets are assigned to each processor by connectivity among sets
  5. Fernand was a spaniard , and being sent to spain to ascertain the feeling of his fellow - countrymen , found danglars there , got on very intimate terms with him , won over the support of the royalists at the capital and in the provinces , received promises and made pledges on his own part , guided his regiment by paths known to himself alone through the mountain gorges which were held by the royalists , and , in fact , rendered such services in this brief campaign that , after the taking of trocadero , he was made colonel , and received the title of count and the cross of an officer of the legion of honor .
    弗尔南多原是一个西班牙人,他被派到西班牙去研究他同胞的思想动态。他到那儿后遇到了腾格拉尔,两个人打得火热,他得到了首都和各省保全党普遍的支持,他自己再三申请,得到了上司的允许,就带领他的队伍从只有他一个人知道的羊肠小道通过保王党所把守的山谷。在这样短的时间里,他竟取得了这样大的功绩,以致在攻克德罗卡弟洛以后,他就被升为上校,不仅得到了伯爵的衔头,还得到了荣誉团军官的十字章呢。 ”

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