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  • 单独, 独自
  • 单独,独自
  • 单独,靠自己
  • 单独;独自,自行
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  • oneself:    pron. 1.〔反身用法〕自己,自 ...
  • be oneself:    处于正常状态, 显得自然, 显得真诚 ...
  • for oneself:    独自, 独力地; 独自地; 为自己; ...
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  1. One is firmly established by oneself .
  2. To fund stock , still feel better by oneself
  3. Q . 4 is the glory of high priest taken by oneself
    问题4 .大祭司的荣耀是自取的吗
  4. Take servo sphe6300a by oneself , integrated scheme
  5. Make a disc acting as the producer by oneself

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