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  • 平行干线的铁路支线
  • line:    vt. 交尾。
  • a line:    雄性不育系; 支承力影响曲线; 支座 ...
  • a-line:    adj. (服装)A字型的,上窄下宽 ...


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  1. A right triangle is formed by lines joining points spq .
  2. She is fair; a beauty, many have said, who judge not by lines .
  3. He tried to lure me into a drafting session by urging me to indicate my objections to the soviet text line by line .
  4. While nixon attended to white house business, chiao and i spent the first day of negotiation going through the existing draft line by line to confirm what was already agreed .
  5. Lets analyze it line by line , like we always do

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