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  • 以任何可能的方法
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  1. Analyze all attacks by any possibility from those modules , take measures to reduce or avoid . 4 . certificate authority and intrusion detection
  2. After galloping some distance towards the troops of the left flank , he rode not forward where he heard firing , but off to look for the general and the officers in a direction where they could not by any possibility be ; and so it was that he did not deliver the message
  3. In order to insure the dependability of the monitored data hi measuring , from two sides of the precision and accuracy of the measured data , every step is analyzed by the potential errors and the causation by any possibility on the monitor systems in the measure process
    为确保观测数据在量测过程中的可靠性,从测量结果的精度和准确性这两方面入手,对测量过程中监测系统的每个环节,可能存在的误差及其产生的原因作了分析,并具体结合实际工程体会,提出了具体改进措施。 2

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