buy national meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "buy national" in a sentence
  • 买本国货
  • buy:    vt. 1.买,购 (opp. se ...
  • national:    adj. 1.民族的;国民的;国家的 ...
  • buy national act:    购买本国货法
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  1. Why buying fund is better than buying national debt
  2. Guy bought national secrets on the black market
  3. How to buy national debt ? program ? interest rate how how much is calculative
  4. If the original poster wants to buy national debt investment , should measure the risk that national debt faces and income in the round , and the purpose that the individual invests
  5. If individual investor wants to buy national debt in the commercial bank , can build in workers and peasants wait for commercial bank bar to buy , but be confined to a part to be able to be planted in the certificate of business of commercial bank bar , for example 02 national debt 15 , 03 national debt 01 wait , you can seek advice to each big bank bar , also can buy proof type national debt , should meet september new proof type national debt is issued
    个人投资者假如想在商业银行购买国债,可以到工农中建等商业银行柜台购买,但仅限于部分可以在商业银行柜台买卖的券种,例如02国债15 、 03国债01等,你可以到各大银行柜台咨询,也可以购买凭证式国债, 9月份应该就会有新的凭证式国债发行。

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