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  • 补购
  • 补进:平仓、对冲或关闭一个空头部位
  • 补买
  • 大宗买进
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  • buy:    vt. 1.买,购 (opp. se ...
  • buy into:    出钱入; 买进...的股票; 入股
  • buy it:    放弃,认输; 放弃被杀; 买下来
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  1. We have bought in large stocks of this material .
  2. Grace is given of god, but knowledge is bought in the market .
  3. If they buy in quantity the surplus food can be stored in a home freezer .
  4. Many of our biggest losers were part of philco-ford, the appliance and electronics firm we had bought in 1961 .
  5. " will you have enough to buy in anywhere else ?
    “你的钱够在别的酒店入股吗? ”

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