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  • 经营失败
  • 企业倒闭
  • business:    n. 1.事务,业务;事,事业,行业 ...
  • failure:    n. 1.失败 (opp. succ ...
  • failure to:    未能做某事
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  1. Business failure registered a postwar record this year
  2. The numerous business failures came on the heels of the economic crisis
  3. Painful though it may be , it is common and repeatedly the cause of business failure
  4. For the significant wage income that guarantees worker , the insolvency of our country law pays to the salary when business failure made relevant provision
  5. One small mistake can lead to chaos . ambiguous speech can be distorted . impatience can lead to business failure . to have good causes and conditions , bear your mistreatment by others

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