business expenditure meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "business expenditure" in a sentence
  • 业务费支出
  • 营业[业务]费支出
  • 营业费支出
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  1. Business expenditures for new plant and equipment
  2. A petty account is used for recording small items of business expenditure
  3. Non - business expenditure
  4. The training on business management for small enterprises is intended to cope with the difficulties and challenges encountered by farmers in running their small enterprises , focusing on how to select the business products or services , how to identify the ways of making business , how to calculate the business expenditures , and on how to estimate the sales profits
  5. Financial departments shall uniformly determine the business expenditure for judicial organs and administrative department for industry and commerce at all levels based on the items of business expenditure , the usage of funds for handling cases and the items and norms of equipment and outfit needed for respective units and according to the principle of using budgetary funds and non - budgetary funds as a whole

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