business and finance meaning in Chinese

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  • 商业和金融
  • business:    n. 1.事务,业务;事,事业,行业 ...
  • finance:    n. 1.财政,金融,财政学。 2. ...
  • business finance:    企业财务; 企业资金融通; 商业财务 ...
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  1. Directory of business and finance software downloads
  2. It is increasingly the kremlin that decides who runs russian business and finance
  3. Database of windows utilities , internet , audio and mp3 , business and finance , games , multimedia and design shareware software
  4. Born in 1970 : your love life , business and finances are not stable this year . pay attention to what ' s going on around you
  5. " oh , yes , " she said in her sweet voice . " i guess it ' s what suits me best . i ' m naturally drawn to business and finance .
    “哦,是的。 ”她说着,声音甜甜的。 “我想那是最适合我的。我天生就喜欢商业和金融。 ”

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