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  • burst:    vi. 1.破裂,迸裂,爆炸;爆发出 ...
  • up:    adv. (superl. uppe ...
  • burst-up:    失败
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  1. They burst up after five years of marriage .
  2. At the end of 1833 , his business burst up again . then , he spent almost 16 years for repaying the debt
    同年年底( 24岁) ,再次破产。接下来,他花了16年时间才把债还清。
  3. The conflict between seeking profit of the citizens and the legal banning of the government burst up into a war
    民间自发牟利行为与政府法律管制之间冲突的加剧发展成一场“倭变” 。

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