burst at the meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "burst at the" in a sentence
  • 胀破裂缝
  • burst:    vi. 1.破裂,迸裂,爆炸;爆发出 ...
  • a burst of:    一阵突发的……
  • burst in:    闯入, 打断, 突然出现
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  1. I have eaten so much i am bursting at the seams .
  2. The results quoted above apply to a burst at the surface .
  3. The flare burst at the moment the japanese started their charge .
  4. The film fragments formed when bubbles burst at the ocean surface are initially minute droplets of solution having a certain concentration of sea-salt .
  5. I am bursting at the seams to tell everyone we re eloping

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