burden of taxation meaning in Chinese

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  • 赋税负担
  • 税收负担
  • burden:    n. 1.歌曲末尾的迭句[重唱句]。 ...
  • taxation:    n. 1.征税,抽税。 2.税制。 ...
  • burden:     burden1 n. 1 ...
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  1. In terms of the supply of pubic goods , the realization of optimal resource allocation is , at the same time , the process of eliminating the burden of taxation automatically
  2. Currently the irrational reform of taxation and over burden of taxation are the key barriers of limiting the forestry industry sustainable development and blocking the forestry economic reform
  3. Tax planning refers to the arrangements and plans on the enterprise ' s operation , investment and financial management so as to reduce the burden of taxation within the state policies and regulations
  4. Above all it observes the burden of taxation about old industry - zones from macroscopic and microcosmic aspect . next the part analyzes the disadvantageous factors in our fiscal and tax policy , which hinder the boom of old industry - zones for old industry - zones " present conditions and problem
  5. Facing so much burden of taxation , a lot of enterprises have already realized that , with the tax policy in our country perfected more and more , the system of tax revenue levied and managed more and more tight today , evading taxes , owing taxes and resisting taxes are already obviously inadvisable

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