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Pronunciation:   "bulking buying" in a sentence
  • 大量购买
  • bulk:    n. 1.体积,容积,大小。 2.巨 ...
  • buy:    vt. 1.买,购 (opp. se ...
  • bulking:    隆起; 膨化; 湿胀; 体积膨胀; ...
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  1. Find a venue , over - order on the drinks , bulk buy the guacamole
  2. Knitgoods dispatching center is specially designed on the basis of knitgoods sector to meet the demands of bulk buying clients
  3. Stock exchange with 100 shares is called “ whole batch buying ” , and stock exchange with less than100 shares is called “ bulk buying ” . investors should pay fairly high payments in bulk buying
    成100股的股票交易称之为“整份购买” 。少于100股的股票购买称之为“零星购买” 。零星购买时, “投资者”要交较高的费用。

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