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  • 大体积的水
  • 重力水
  • bulk:    n. 1.体积,容积,大小。 2.巨 ...
  • water:    n. 1.水;雨水;露;〔常作 pl ...
  • purified water in bulk:    散装纯化水
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  1. A building is constructed with a bulk water tank .
  2. These “ allowed ” leachables could render the packaged versions of originally equivalent bulk water essentially unsuitable for many uses where the bulk waters are perfectly adequate
    这些人为的滤取程序,竟使得本来相当于重力水的水源在加工后根本无法使用? ?很多情况下都不可用? ?而遗憾的是,这些情况下重力水源都极其充足。
  3. The present thesis has carried out detailed investigation on the rapid solidification of undercooled bulk water and pb - sn binary eutectic alloy with acoustic levitation , and the various factors influencing the achievement of undercooling in sound field have been analyzed
    主要取得了以下几方面的研究成果:研究了5 8mm的大体积水在声悬浮无容器条件下的快速凝固行为。获得了最大为24k的过冷度。

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