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  • 抱子甘蓝, 比京芽菜
  • sprout:    vi. 1.出芽,发芽,萌芽;抽条。 ...
  • brussel:    布鲁塞尔; 布吕塞尔
  • to sprout:    发新枝
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  1. I am already stuck by the brussel sprouts smell down his pants
  2. There exist successive deletions in the sequence of the genomic dna of kale and kohlrabi , compared with that of brussel sprouts
  3. Such vegetable kingdoms include turnips , okra , brussel sprouts , cauliflower , rhubarb , and soy beans and they cannot ascend as they are not from this creation
  4. At the same time , brussel sprouts and cauliflower are placed into the same category , while cabbage and broccoli are put into another one , which differs greatly with the results of classification by morphology and edible organ
  5. Primers were designed according to the sequences of atcal , bocal , bobcal and boical gene , and pcr amplifications were performed with the genomic dna of brussel sprouts , kale and kohlrabi respectively , pcr fragments of about 1 . 6kb were obtained and designated correspondingly as bogcal5 " , boacal5 " and boccal5 "
    根据拟南芥atcal 、结球甘蓝bocal 、花椰菜bobcal和青花菜boical基因设计引物,对芸薹属植物抱子甘蓝、羽衣甘蓝和球茎甘蓝的基因组dna进行pcr扩增,均得到一段约1 . 6kb大小的pcr产物,分别命名为bogcal5 ’ 、 boacal5 ’和boccal5 ’ 。

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