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  • 北京桥梁
  • bridges:    n. 布里奇斯【姓氏】。
  • beijing:    北京市; 北景; 北平府; 北平市; ...
  • in beijing:    北京城里有900万辆自行车; 去了北 ...
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  1. Mechanical behavior investigation of the tunnel construction in metro line no . 5 adjacent to yuting bridge in beijing
  2. This article is associated with one of the projects called an intellectual decision technology for damage identification and maintenance of highway bridge in beijing sponsored by beijing natural scientific fund . this paper mainly focuses on the study of the application of the ideal damage identification parameter named strain modal
    本文结合北京市自然科学基金重点项目? ?北京市公路桥梁损伤识别与维护智能决策技术的研究,着眼于目前一种较为理想的损伤识别参数? ?应变模态在公路桥梁损伤识别中的应用研究。

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