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Pronunciation:   "bridged joint" in a sentence
  • 桥式接头
  • bridge:    n. 【牌戏】桥牌战,打桥牌。 au ...
  • joint:    n. 1.接合,榫接合处,接合点。 ...
  • bridged:    跨接的; 用风桥接通的
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  1. More than two thousands data were obtained by the observations posted to the projects of jiaozuo - gongyi yellow river bridge joint road
  2. For this natural created almighty region , our forefathers have been cultivated the soil and developed agriculture in sorthern shaanxi province as early as stone age and the region is one of the areas in which chinese agricultural developed in its early stage , and it also serves a cradle for chinese civilization . the characteristic features , bridge jointing the south and the north as well as the channel for the east and the west , makes the region an unequal key points function in chinese agricultural exploitation , and on the other hand , the economy , society and culture of this region has its significance for our study

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