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  • 桥连的基
  • bridge:    n. 【牌戏】桥牌战,打桥牌。 au ...
  • group:    n. 1.群;批,簇。 2.集团,团 ...
  • bridged:    跨接的; 用风桥接通的
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  1. Homogeneous bridging groups always raise the glass temperature .
  2. Heterogeneous bridging groups can raise the glass temperature according to their chemical composition .
  3. Results postoperatively , patients of the bridge group presented a more rapid decrease in the serum bilirulin eoncentration than those of the other two groups and had a good quality of life
  4. Methods biliary jejunal bridge internal drainage was used in 25 patients of malignant bile duct obstruction . the rapidity of subsidence of the jaundice and the survival rate were compared between bridge group and 12 cases treated by extenal drainage and 20 case treated by conventional internal drainage at the same period

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