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  • 桥隧工程
  • bridge:    n. 【牌戏】桥牌战,打桥牌。 au ...
  • cum:     Stow-cum-Quy ...
  • tunnel:    n. 隧道;地道;坑道;管道,烟道, ...
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  1. The entire hzmb is a 35km dual 3 - lane carriageway in the form of bridge - cum - tunnel structure comprising the 29km zhujiang section from the landing point at gongbei of zhuhai and a prola of macao to the boundary of the hksar , and the 6km hong kong section from the boundary of hksar to the landing point at san shek wan of lantau island . the project includes
    整条港珠澳大桥分为珠江和香港两段,珠江段长约29公里,从位于珠海拱北和澳门明珠的大桥陆点至香港特别行政区区界,而长约6公里的香港段则由香港特区区界至位于香港大屿山石湾的香港侧陆点,工程范围包括: -

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