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Pronunciation:   "bridge after" in a sentence
  • 驾驶台后端舱壁
  • bridge:    n. 【牌戏】桥牌战,打桥牌。 au ...
  • after:    adv. 在后;继后;后来。 fol ...
  • after bridge:    尾驾驶室; 尾驾驶台; 尾桥楼
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  1. The calculation and construction of cable force adjustment of gonghe cable - stayed bridge after closure are studied
  2. The england defender is determined to win back his place at stamford bridge after the arrival of his friend from arsenal
  3. Rummenigge is convinced the germany captain will head for stamford bridge after revealing inter have missed out on his signature
  4. Speculation has been mounting that the england midfielder could be looking to leave stamford bridge after failing to sign a new contract
  5. A japanese soldier tomonaga took the picture of the destroyed bridge after the smokes were gone . after decades , tomonaga went to beijing and gave the picture to mao

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