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  • n.


  1. Jack power could a tale unfold : father a g man . if a fellow gave them trouble being lagged they let him have it hot and heavy in the bridewell
  2. " damn her , " said sharpitlaw , " i will take care she has her time in bedlam or bridewell , or both , for she ' s both mad and mischievous .
    “该死的东西, ”沙比脱劳说, “我定要叫她一辈子待在疯人院或监牢里,或者两处都待,因为她既疯癫又狡猾。
  3. Highly providential was the appearance on the scene of corny kelleher when stephen was blissfully unconscious that , but for that man in the gap turning up at the eleventh hour , the finis might have been that he might have been a candidate for the accident ward , or , failing that , the bridewell and an appearance in the court next day before mr tobias , or , he being the solicitor , rather old wall , he meant to say , or malony which simply spelt ruin for a chap when it got bruited about
    倘若不是他在最后这节骨眼儿上出现,到头来12斯蒂芬就会成为被抬往救护所的候补者,要么就成为蹲监狱的候补者第二天落个在法庭上去见托拜厄斯13的下场。不,他是个律师,或许得去见老沃尔14 ,要么就是马奥尼15 。这档子事传出去之后,你就非身败名裂不可。

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