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  • 繁殖率
  • 配种率
  • 再生速率
  • 增殖率
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  1. The giant pandas ' naturally slow breeding rate prevents a population from recovering quickly from illegal hunting , habitat loss , and other human - related causes of mortality
  2. Among 11 bird families which have at least one species breeding in the wild , the escaping rate was significantly higher for four families : sturnidae , timaliidae , cacatuidae , and pycnonotidae ; and the breeding rate was significantly higher for only one family - estrildidae
    有11科的鸟种有野外繁殖的纪? ,这11科鸟种中有四科的鸟种逃? ?显着的高于总逃? ? ,它们分别是椋鸟科、画眉科、凤头鹦鹉科及鹎科;野外繁殖?显着高于总繁殖?的只有梅花雀科。

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