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  • breeding:    n. 1.孵化;饲养;繁育。 2.选 ...
  • area:    n. 1.面积;平地;地面。 2.空 ...
  • animal breeding area:    家畜饲养地域
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  1. Black - winged stilt breeding area
  2. Prevention and treatment : spray in space ; eliminate pests in breeding area ; larva prevention and treatment
  3. Less visible breeding areas hold nest sites for black crowned and yellow crowned night herons , great blue heron , great and snowy egret , glossy ibis and barn owl
  4. Each year , some 243 of the 404 species of waterbirds in the asia pacific region migrate between their breeding areas as far north as siberia and alaska , and their non - breeding areas as far south as australia and new zealand
  5. On the basis of these research results , some conservation and management advices of gre at bustard were put forward : ( 1 ) the breeding areas of northwest of songliao plain and southwest of hulunbeier plateau should be looked as one conservation unit to conserve
    根据上述结果,本文建议: ( 1 )应将松辽平原西北部繁殖地与呼伦贝尔高原西南部繁殖地作为一个保护单元进行保护。

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