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  • breaking:    n. 1.破坏;损伤;中断;折断;【 ...
  • rating:    n. 叱责,斥责。 give a s ...
  • breaking in:    开始生产; 敲陷; 试车; 试运转磨 ...
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  1. Not waterproof , dampproof , and high broken rate
  2. Water tolerant waterproof and low broken rate
  3. As the having printed & heat sealed package bag that the bag have a complete pattern , a good quality sealing and very low bag broken rate
  4. The machine is characterized with high hulling rate , low rice broken rate , energy saving and low noise , and ideal for providing unpolished rice to the urban dwellers
  5. The conveying parameters were relatively optimized by adjusting the throat area of adjustable laval nozzle and pressure parameters , so that the foodstuff particle breaking rate during pneumatic conveying was decreased at certain extent

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