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Pronunciation:   "breaking point" in a sentence   "breaking point" meaning
  • 1.断裂点,破损点;破损程度。
  • breaking:    n. 1.破坏;损伤;中断;折断;【 ...
  • point:    n. 1.尖头,尖端;尖头器具;〔美 ...
  • the breaking point:    突破点
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  1. In the end, the internal tensions did not go to the breaking point .
  2. My classmates, motivated by a desire to "save" me, pestered me until i all but reached the breaking point .
  3. I don ' t know . every man has his breaking point
  4. The heavy box strained the rope to a breaking point
  5. The next movie was to prove the breaking point

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